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Long Island's premier psychiatric mental-health group
Sometimes, prevention is the best cure
From our evidence-based process to our reliable patient care, we’re here for you

In the Long Island community, the demand for mental health treatment is so great that it has become common to wait several months for an initial appointment with an outpatient psychiatrist.

At Stat Psych, we take pride in providing prompt, efficient, and high-quality psychiatric services. We perform comprehensive evaluations, provide appropriate referrals to therapy and prescribe medication when appropriate.

We back our wide range of services with industry knowledge and passion for helping clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

“The body is a unit; the person is a unit of body, mind and spirit ” - Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, D.O.

We’re proud to be a Long Island-based practice. We strive to make you a top priority, from our flexible scheduling to our care in explaining concepts the way you would to a loved one. As part of our inclusive culture, we accept all major insurance plans and work with patients on realistic payment plans.

Our philosophy is based on understanding that an individual's physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental aspects all contribute to the client’s mental health. The client must be treated using a “whole-person approach,” and treatment must be tailored to that individual as every client is unique.

When treating someone’s mental health, it is important to take a comprehensive approach and consider all aspects of the client’s life, including past and present experiences, physical health and wellbeing, spiritual beliefs, and current life circumstances. With Integrative Psychiatry, we combine conventional psychotherapies and medication management with Functional and Nutritional Psychiatry, Neurobiology, and brain health and biochemistry. As a result, various treatment modalities are utilized with the goal of improving quality of life.

Most Insurances accepted

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